Thursday, March 1, 2012


All of the blog posts you need to do are listed on this, the class blog; we have done five blogs so far. If it is not listed on the website, you do not have to do a blog for it, about it, on it, or around it. We do not blog every week, just when there is an assigned blog on the website. We will begin to blog less on group topics as we move forward in the term and choose research paper topics. Again, if it is not listed on the class blog, you DO NOT have to do a blog for it.

As a reminder:
You do need to take notes on each film you see, in a notebook, as described in the syllabus. These notes should be loose, informal, and descriptive. These notes do not need to document the entire film. Screen notes should help you remember moments of interest or key moments in the films you see. Screen notes are for your reference when writing your papers.

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